Friday, July 23, 2010

This comes straight from Tim Holtz himself.

I was looking and found the most recent and updated look at his new machine and it just came from Tim Holtz himself.  If you haven't checked out his Blog please do,,  he is giving just a great amount of sneak peeks to get you ready for all the new products that will be coming out in the next few months.

cha-summer 2010 sneak peek #11 (alterations)...

well bloggers we made it!  today is the final day of sneak peeks before packing everything up and heading to chicago for the cha-summer trade show where all of these products will be released.  it's been a busy year for me designing all of these new things - i can't wait for all of you to get your hands on them.  thank you all so much for sharing your excitement and anticipation for the new products.  like i've been saying all week, i've saving the biggest announcement for last because today i'm sharing with you my new die cutting machine in my alterations line with sizzix.  i know many of you saw the video blogs of the "preview" we did back in january at the cha-winter show in preparation for our cha-summer launch - well it's here!  i am happy to introduce to you the "vagabond"...

"a vagabond is an idle wanderer having an uncertain or irregular course of direction, leading a carefree style - which is exactly what our creative journey should be all about..."

the vagabond is a personal die cut machine unlike anything you have ever seen before, and trust me when i say it works like no other machine too.  this portable, fully electric motorized machine, makes die cutting and embossing incredibly simple and truly limitless.  i wanted a machine that was more powerful than any machine out in the market.  why???  simple, i want it to cut and emboss thicker materials like grungeboard, chipboard, bookboard, metal, canvas, acrylic in addition to layers of cardstock, grungepaper, and fabrics.  this powerhouse not only cuts with ease, but embosses full sheets of grungeboard and chipboard with out any hesitation...
of course not only did this machine have to work like no other, it needed to look the part too.  that's where the challenges really came in and everyone at sizzix did an amazing job in sharing the same creative visions - thank you so much!  i designed a machine to resembles a vintage suitcase that has traveled the world with it's unique hardware, nostalgic texture, and distressed finish.  i designed a machine that looked artful enough to leave out yet entirely compact so it wouldn't take up much space.  i designed a machine that could cut and emboss any art medium i wanted to use so i wasn't limited to just paper.  the vagabond is truly everything i imagined it to be...
so i leave you with a few photos of the cool hand-sketched, vintage suitcase styled packaging it will come in (shipping late september), and of course the machine both opened and closed.  as you can see we've made quite a few changes since it's earlier debut including collapsible guide rails, antiqued texture and finish (it even comes with themed luggage stickers you can put on your machine), and a quiet motor you have to hear to believe.   i am beyond excited to share with you, the long awaited release of the new vagabond machine - i just can't wait to show you all it can do!  i'll be posting videos from the cha show next week so stay tuned! ...t!m


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