Saturday, January 30, 2010

Garage Sale

Today was the first day of the Garage Sale and it was a great success, because of all the wonderful customers we have.  But don't worry you still have one day left of this great sale.  Even if Garage sales are not your thing then we also have put the entire store at 30% off, excluding the Tim Holtz new stuff and Copic Markers. But everything else in the store is fair game.  We have to make room for all the new products coming in within the next 3 months.  So if you are a part of that garage sale and are doing good in sales then you picked a perfect time to save your stuff and sell it so you can have the money for the products coming in.

So if you have any time Sunday to just stop by and see what we have then this is a perfect time to also save money while getting great deals. I hope that Linda or someone was able to take some pictures to share with the rest of us on how great it was this morning at 10 am.  What I heard is that there was a line to get in again.

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