Monday, February 8, 2010

New Product is still Arriving.

The last few days have been crazy with a lot of new product arriving daily.  We have gotten in Lucky Me line and Generation Z from LYB.  We have also received from Three Bugs in a Rug there new Chick Line and also Animal Stackers.  Then the new adorable line from Imaginisce.  We couldn't get it out quick enough everyone wanted it before we could get it out of the packages.  So hurry in and see what is left. 

I haven't been at been at the store now in a day and Linda and Sarah worked the late night crop on Saturday so I am sure they have some re-arranging going on somewhere in the store.

Be sure to check out the Scrap Tales website to be up to date on all the classes that will be added daily.  We have quite a few be added every week.  Now is the time to get into those classes and jump start that creative side of yours.

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