Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Elegant, but easy, ornaments

This year, add an elegant homemade ornament to your tree, or give a few as gifts. You won't believe how easy they are to make!

The base is a Kaisercraft wooden die cut. They come in a few different patterns. Some are slipped together, like this one. Others come with two different flat ornaments in a package. The best part: They only cost about $3!

First, cover the ornament in Art Glitter Glue. This is Candy's favorite glue and she uses it whenever she needs a wet adhesive. It goes on white, so you can see where you put it, but dries clear and shine free. The glue also dries fast, so work in small sections.

After covering a section in glue, apply Art Glitter. Be sure to work over a tray or a piece of folded paper so you can pour the leftover glitter back into the jar. It's also helpful to use a mini spoon (Art Glitter sells them) to pour the glitter over the project.

There are hundreds of colors in several different textures and in both opaque and transparent. Candy used Purple Lame Ultrafine Opaque for this project.

Once dry, put the two pieces together and secure with a thin line of Art Glitter Glue. Then, add a ribbon or ornament hanger and you are done. It's that easy!

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