Thursday, January 20, 2011

For my valentine

This amazing card is from Laura -- she's on staff at Scrap Tales and is one of our instructors. Laura is also on the Dreamweavers Design Team ...

This card started with beautiful Creative Imaginations paper. What is it they say on those decorating shows?  Oh yeah, it was my "inspiration piece".   I really liked it, but thought that it
would be difficult to use. I was wrong. 
The silver foiled patterns reminded me of old fashioned Valentine cards and luxe fabrics. I was considering which materials would be simple and elegant--and an idea was born--velvet paper and metal!  I just love both of these items and use them whenever possible.

Although I was concerned that the Dreamweaver paste might not work well on the velvet material, I discovered that I was, once again, very wrong. The silver paste worked like a dream! I used the Dreamweaver stencil LM 241, which reads "Happy Valentine's Day." I masked out the additional letters with Scotch removable tape and pasted as usual.

The metal is a Quickutz (Lifestyle Crafts) product. I used it in the Revolution machine, but I could have put it through any non-digital die cut machine. It was very easy. I put the stencil, Dreamweaver stencil LM 272 ( Dangling Heart) down, followed by the metal (face down), a rubber embossing mat and the blue plastic embossing mat. The metal is adhesive backed, so once it was embossed, assembly was a breeze.  The Creative Imaginations paper is fancy and flourishy.  It was easy to find a part of this paper that enhanced the elements that I used on it. 
If you would like to see what I am talking about in person, stop by Scrap Tales and check it out.  We currently open at 9 am every day of the week, so it should be a little easier to find some time. 
If you like the Dreamweaver Stencils, check out the Thursday Dream Schemes.  Every design team member (including myself) posts every Thursday.  It is a great way to get some ideas for ways to use your stencils.  You can start with Dreamweaver's blog at  or, you are certainly always welcome to check out my blog at

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  1. Just amazing Laura, you just amaze me at times....