Sunday, January 9, 2011

How do you attach this?

Hang around at Scrap Tales for more than a few minutes and you are sure to overhear someone ask, "How do you attach this?"

As scrapbookers move beyond the confines of paper and stickers and begin to add buttons, ribbons, gems, metal and other embellishments, they quickly realize that the tape runner or glue stick used to attach photos is not adequate, but they are overwhelmed with the options.

"Having the right tools is imperative to a successful project," Candy Spiegel, one of the store's teachers and a design team member, said. "And adhesive is one of the most important tools."

Her favorite, by far, is Art Glitter Glue.

This industrial strength glue was designed for applying glitter, but it sticks to almost anything.

Because it dries quickly and dries clear, it is perfect for attaching gems, Dew Drops, metal, buttons, chipboard and more. Candy also uses it to put together the wood components from KaiserCraft -- including shelves, trays and boxes. And, with the addition of the Ultrafine Metal Tip, it is easy to control the amount of glue used.

"You need less glue to hold than you think," Candy said. "To attach Dew Drops, you barely put any glue on at all and it holds. It is amazing."

Candy has noticed that over time, the glue seems to clog in the tip more and more frequently. However, washing the lid under warm water clears out any dried glue and the tip works like it was new all over again.

As for the metal tip, Linda Neff, store manager and instructor, recommends keeping it in a small container of water so it never cloggs and is ready to go whenever you need it.

A version formulated for fabric is also available at Scrap Tales.

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